Know About The HCG Drops Side Effects

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Know About The HCG Drops Side Effects

Many people are now aware about the concept and effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Many of us have even tried this treatment to lose weight. However, one can only observe the changes if they are using it. In the course of time, many people have observed few changes in their body while they were using HCG hormone treatment to treat their weight loss issues. There are certain side effects which were observed during and after taking this treatment. Let us have a look at the HCG drops side effects.

1)     Skin manifestations or imbalance: There are certain imbalances which are felt on the skin like changing skin color or skin rashes or skin irritation at different places on the body. But, as studies have shown, these side effects are just for a certain period. People using injections to insert this hormone in the body have known to suffer from this side effect. Pain and redness in the injected area are a common symptom.

2)     Weakness in the body: Even under such treatment, the body needs at least 500 calories a day for proper treatment. This is the restriction one needs to adhere to when following this treatment. Due to this diet restriction, a person suffers from starvation which ultimately leads to weakness. Other manifestations include irritation, changing moods, continuous headache or anxiety, etc. The body may react to the hunger symptoms in different ways and you may feel unwell because of the irregular diet.

3)     The problem of hair loss: As there is a decrease in the regular diet, the body does not have a sufficient amount of amino acids which is required for the growth of hair. Due to the lack of enough amino acids in the body, a person may also lose the existing hair on their body. Hence, many people face this problem while being treatedwith HCG drops.

4)     Ovulation complications: One of the serious and dangerous side effects of the HCG diet treatment is the secretion of fertilized eggs. Prior to its uses as an Obesity drug, HCG was used to cater to reproductive system disorders like lack of fertilized eggs. So, the other complications which develop in a body are excessive urination, back pain, pain in the stomach, a feeling of vomiting, pelvic pain, etc. In case, you are experience any such symptoms, you should report the same to your doctor immediately.

5)     Pregnancy symptoms: As HCG is directly related to pregnancy; therefore any woman using this may experience symptoms related to pregnancy like vomiting. Some other symptoms can be pain in stomach and body or enlargement of mammary glands or decrease in the retention of fluids in the limbs, etc. All these symptoms are felt due to release of high estrogen levels.

It is important to know about all the information about a certain product when you are using it first time. To keep yourself safe, you must first try to know about the side effects of a product and then decide to use it. So, it is always advisable to take advice from your doctors to guide you about the usage of the HCG hormone.


Weight loss recipes

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The pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadrotopin (HCG) that the body makes during pregnancy has created much of the buzz today. The reason to this is its effectiveness in weight loss in many people. However there are many side effects that the HCG weight loss drops have on an individual. Despite of this people do not stop the intake of the HCG drops and injections.

If you have been advised for a HCG oral intake, then you are required to follow a 500 calorie HCG diet. For 8 weeks you are advised to take the special low calories diet. The HCG reduces hunger in a person. The person’s metabolism goes into a reset mode. This allows the person to lose weight easily. The 500 calorie diet allows an individual to eat very minimal, only two meals are allowed. Proteins are considerably reduced in the diet plan. Also sugar and starch intake is prohibited when you are on HCG.


What to eat and what not to eat while on HCG weight loss drops

Once you start taking HCG your hunger pangs will reduce. You still need to avoid certain foods and eat what is advised. Here is a list of foods that you can eat:

  • Vegetables: Tomatoes, celery, spinach, cabbage, red radishes, chicory, fennel, asparagus, cucumber, onions, chard, beet greens and green salad.
  • Meat: Veal (Boiled or grilled), white fish, lobster, crab, boiled chicken and shrimp.
  • Fruits: Strawberries, oranges, apple and grapefruit.
  • Breads: One breadstick or Melba toast is allowed, but only one piece.

What not to eat: You need to avoid foods like Tuna, salmon, dried fish, herring, eel or pickled fish. You also need to avoid any product that has butter and oil in it.

Some Recipes that you can cook while on HCG diet

The HCG 500 calorie diet can be very dangerous at times. All of a sudden the person is expected to drop down their calorie intake. If you are following one such diet you will have to miss out on your favorite food items. However to help you stick the diet plan, here are a few recipes that you can eat while on HCG.

  • Shrimp Ceviche: Ingredients- 1-2 lbs of shrimp. You can remove or keep the tail. It is good if you use fresh shrimp or frozen one will also do. 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. 1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice. 1 tbsp minced garlic. 1 finely chopped pepper, 1 finely chopped onion (red), 2 diced cucumbers, ½ cup of chopped cilantro, ½ cup freshly chopped parsley, 3 tbsp hot sauce. Salt and black pepper powder for taste.

Process: Cook the shrimp till it turns a bit reddish. You can cook it for about one or two minutes. Do not overcook the shrimp or else it will lose its taste. Mix the lemon, lime juices and shrimp in a plastic or glass bowl. Cover the bowl with a cover. Refrigerate the bowl for 30 minutes. After the shrimp is marinated, add it to hot sauce, onion, garlic and peppers. Mix well. Again keep this mixture in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Before you serve the dish, remove it on a plate and add cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, salt and pepper powder. Mix well and serve.


  • Herb Omelets: Ingredients- 1tbsp coconut oil, ¼ diced bell peppers, ¼ cup sliced green onions, 1 clove, 4 slices of whole wheat Melba toasts, ¼ low fat cottage cheese, 3 eggs, 8 egg whites, ¾ cup of fat free milk, 1 tbsp fresh basil, 2 tbsp minced rosemary, 2 tbsp minced chives, 1 tbsp minced parsley.


Process: The oven should be preheated up to 350 degrees. Pour coconut oil in a skillet and heat it over medium flame. Sauté the onions and bell peppers for about 5 to 6 minutes. Add garlic to the mixture and sauté for 3 minutes. Place the Melba toast slices on a plate. Pour the mixture of egg whites and eggs upon the toast. Add the vegetables that you cooked in the skillet. Bake the toast in the oven for 40 minutes unless soft and fluffy. Serve with sauce of grated cottage cheese.

The above two dishes are very tasty and easy to cook. Al though the shrimp ceviche will take a while to cook, it’s one of the best recipes that you can have while on HCG. You can also try other recipes like the Mexican salsa. You can eat the salsa with toasted low fat brown bread sticks or low calorie nachos. Ensure that you atleast eat fruits throughout the day so that you do not feel tired and dizzy.

You must keep in mind that HCG can be harmful if taken in excess. Its intake has not yet been approved by the FDA. Hence, what this means is that it is still being perfected.

HCG phase 3 recipes

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Those who take HCG drops for weight loss need to follow a strict HCG diet. The HCG diet is a 500 calorie diet intake that the individual is advised. The doctor plans out a proper diet plan for such people. But once the 500 calorie diet is finished and you no longer have to take the HCG ultra drops, then you can start eating all those things that you were denied earlier. You only need to avoid eating sugar and starch.

During the 500 calorie diet, the doctor asks to withdraw from eating beef, whole chicken and red meat. In fact your protein intake is considerably reduced during this time. Once you are on the HCG phase 3, you might wonder what to eat and what not to eat. To help you sort out this here are a few recipes that you can cook on your HCG phase 3.

  • Breakfast Pizza: Ingredients – 4 Eggs, ¼  cup Parmesan cheese, 4 cream cheese, 1/3 cup fresh heavy cream, ½ tsp Oregano, Shredded cheese 2 cups, 1 garlic clove, crushed, 1 Tomato sliced, Mozzarella Cheese 1 cup, Chopped veggies like onions, mushrooms, green peppers and spinach.

Process: Take a 9” baking dish in your oven and preheat it up to 375 deg. Take a bowl, put eggs and cream in it and beat the mixture. Add Parmesan cheese and cream cheese to the mixture. Add some spices. Mix shredded cheese. Press the dough to the heated glass dish. Bake it for 30 minutes and then add Tomato, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, Mozzarella Cheese and spinach. Bake them till 10-15 minutes and serve hot slices with ketchup.


  • Fresh Broccoli soup with cheese: Ingredients- chicken broth (1 carton), 4 cups of broccoli, ½ cup heavy cream, shredded cheese 1 cup.

Process: Boil broccoli florets and chicken broth in a saucepan for 5 minutes. After it is boiled remove the mixture and grind it into a puree. Add shredded cheese and cream to the mixture and serve.

When you start taking the HCG ultra drops, you might feel a bit of weakness in the body. This is very natural since you are denied of many proteins which you were used earlier. However, on HCG phase 3 you will gain all the proteins that you had lost earlier. The above recipes are simple to cook and take very less time. So relish your taste buds again.

Why use HCG injections

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Are you following a HCG diet to reduce weight? Many people will say yes because when it comes to reducing weight, everyone is ready to try anything without even knowing the side effects or after effects of the treatment. You must be aware of the term HCG injections and some people are even using it when on HCG diet. But, those who have a fear of injections can go for other options as well. Some have this query that do HCG drops work, but, it really does.

What is HCG?

HCG is a naturally developed hormone which can be found only in a pregnant woman’s body. It is a surprising fact that this hormone can be used for reducing weight. Dr. Simeons introduced this concept and made this hormone popular worldwide. With the introduction of HCG medicines, the concept of using HCG injections was introduced. With intake of 500 calories, this medicine can be used regularly.

How does HCG works in a human body?

Many people think about this question as they still wonder how a hormone can reduce their weight. Well, the answer is not that difficult. This is possible because of the special properties of HCG. This hormone helps in activating the fat storage and metabolism in a body. It uses the stored fat to provide energy to the body. Those who are following this diet plan will soon notice the change and loss of 1 to 3 pounds.

Use of HCG injections

When using these injections for the first time, you will need to follow a proper procedure as prescribed by your doctor. Using injections in a casual way may harm your health. So, start with discussing about this treatment with your doctor. If it is a green signal for the treatment then, ask for the dosage you need per day. The dosage may also depend on the amount of weight you want to lose. Of course the time will matter a lot in your treatment.

However there are other forms of HCG medicines too but, those who have doubt about do HCG drops works go for using injections. Another reason why people prefer to use injections is that they do not like the taste of HCG drops and injections are just inserted at once. Some people believe that taking injections is an easier method than taking other form of medicines. So, it depends on the requirement and preference of every person.

One must consult a doctor before taking this treatment and also ensure that he/she has got all the required medical disposals for regular use. However, one will get complete information from the doctor once they have started this treatment. There are some supportive medicines also which are to be taken with the injections and are believed to be good for treatment.

Obesity and overweight have become common problems these days. Every second person is facing this problem and wishes to get rid of it as soon as possible. This makes them try new medicines and supplements in the market and they do spend a lot of money on them. But, most of them forget about the consequences and side effects of these medicines.

HCG medicines being prepared form natural content is believed to be safer than other weight reduction medicines in the market. One has to improve their eating habits while undergoing this treatment. This is an effective medicine for weight reduction and has helped many people get their old and attractive look. You can also go for HCG injections and feel the difference in just a couple of weeks. So, enjoy being the way you were before.

hcg drops diet plan menu

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HCG drops diet plan is an effective weight loss plan that requires serious diet chart with the prompt usage of drops. By a calculative calorie intake this diet not only ensures rapid weight loss but also helps in its maintenance. HCG works by monitoring the calorie intake to about 500 to 1200 per day and thus in turns help in burning the stored fat. This mechanism not only helps one to be healthy, but also to boost a person’s metabolism.

Given below are the stages of the diet plan:

Stage one (2 days):

This includes the first two days of the diet plan. You need to stuff yourself with loads of fatty foods, carbohydrates and starches. As this period requires you to consume a lot for that’s stored, this stage is also referred to as “loading stage”. The food that is consumed during this stage acts as a storage for the further stages. So, one need not feel stressed as the food that is consumed is easily lost.

Stage two (21 to 42 days):

This stage requires a person to set a target weight to achieve for at least a period of 21 days. During this stage you need to completely restrict daily intake of carbohydrates to only 500 calories. Lemons, citrus fruits, apples, strawberries should be on your hit list. Spinach, lettuce, tomatoes will provide fibre and the required nutrients. Oil consumption should be minimised to the lowest level. As this period requires burning of the existing fat deposits, it is also referred as the “burning stage”.

  • If an individual achieves the target weight before 21 days, still he/she has to complete the stipulated time period of 21 days.
  • If an individual doesn’t achieve the target in 21 days then he/she can carry it on till 42 days with the HCG drops, till they achieve the goal, which has to be followed by the maintenance phase. But one needs to keep in mind that the time period should not exceed more than 42 days.

Stage three (three weeks):

This stage is as important as the burning phase, as here the body needs to adapt to the new weight and thus body needs to keep sync in between the new body weight and metabolic balance. This phase lasts for a period of about three weeks .During this period you still need to be low on carbs. At the end of this stage one can again add on sugars, starches, and carbs moderately, so as to lead a healthier lifestyle with regular workout sessions. Thus this period is referred to a “maintenance phase”. HCG drops diet plan is a great opportunity for people who are foodies and who have least control over their appetite.

Towards the end of this stage, you would discover a healthier, more confident and a new “you”.

Important considerations:

  • Women who are pregnant cannot be on this diet and HCG drops.
  • People with health concerns should consult a doctor before initiating.
  • Avoidance of foods like milk, starch, complex carbohydrates, sugars, eggs, milk during diet.
  • Usage of lotions, conditioners should be avoided.
  • Drinking loads of water to keep the body hydrated.
  • Daily workouts for about briefly 20 minutes should be done.

HCG Levels at 4 Weeks

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Human chorionic gonadotrophin or HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in the female body during pregnancy. HCG is made from the cell that forms the placenta. After fertilization, the placenta provides nourishment to the egg and then it attaches to the wall of the uterine. It is the presence of this hormone in the urine or blood samples which helps to detect pregnancy in a female. Levels can be ascertained by means of urine test after 14 days of conception and by blood test after 11 days of conception. Generally, the HCG level doubles itself after seventy-two hours. Initially, the level is in its peak during the first eleven weeks and gradually it declines for the remaining period of the pregnancy.

Important points to keep in mind regarding HCG level

In 85% cases of pregnancy, HCG level doubles at seventy two hours. After this period the level keeps on increasing and the time to double up can increase up to 96 hours. Pregnancy result is considered as negative if the HCG level is lower than 5 mlU/ ml, and the result is considered positive if it is more than 25 mlU/ml. HCG tests are commonly of 2 types.  One is the qualitative HCG test which detects if HCG is present in the blood. The other is the quantitative HCG test (or beta HCG), this measures the HCG amount actually available in the blood.


HCG Levels at various stages

The level of HCG in every woman can increase differently. In normal cases it ranges from 5-426 mIu/ml during 3-4 weeks of pregnancy to 25,700-288,000 mIu/ml during 9-12 weeks of pregnancy. HCG level drops down from 13,300-254,000 mIu/ml during 13-16 weeks and ranges from 4,060 – 117,000 mIu/ml during 17-40 weeks of pregnancy. HCG level dropping might indicate miscalculation of pregnancy date, possibility of a miscarriage or a pregnancy where the fetus develops outside the womb also called “ectopic pregnancy”. If HCG levels are high it might indicate miscalculation in the pregnancy date, multiple pregnancies or an abnormal pregnancy. The HCG levels should not be influenced by anything apart from medicines containing the HCG. Tests to measure HCG are not affected by antibiotics, pain killers and contraceptives.

Uses of HCG

HCG is a natural fat burner. Its main function is to burn down the excess fat stored in the body and help the body to gain energy from the burnt fat. Thus, HCG finds its application in weight loss programs. HCG in the form of drops and injections have become popular among the people as a way to reduce fat easily and quickly without any exercise. HCG drops and injections are safer than other weight loss pills because they are 100% natural and do not cause any harmful side effects. Like other weight loss pills they do not burn down muscle along with the fat instead it increases the metabolic process by generating energy from the burnt fat. HCG complex, HCG 1234 and HCG amino plus are 3 best HCG drops that are available in the market. HCG drops are usually preferred over HCG injections. The injections are used when there is an urgent need to remove fat from an affected part.

Why Are Weight Loss Pills Bad?

 Weight loss   


In today’s world where people find it extremely difficult to take out time for physical exercises and other activities in order to maintain good health, weight loss pills have become increasingly popular amongst people. Those who want to lose weight quickly and easily without much effort usually tend to get attracted towards it. Their ads say that weight loss pills can help one to shed away extra pounds easily and quickly and feel more fit and energetic without any diet or exercises. In U.S., where 60% of the population is overweight these weight loss pills have created a multibillion dollar industry.

Are These Pills Really Effective?

HCG Weight loss

Although, these pills promise quick and effective results, can they actually do so, and if yes then how? Several weight loss pills, over the last years have been the cause of serious heart problems and other health problems, which eventually lead to death. Obesity needs long term treatment in order to help one to reduce extra pounds and maintain it. Weight loss pills should be combined with physical exercise and a proper and healthy diet for losing and maintaining weight over a long period of time. Weight loss drugs are usually prescribed for people having body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, or people having BMI of 27 or above who are diabetic or suffering from high blood pressure.

Types of weight loss pills

Different types of weight loss drugs are available for sale in the market which adopts different methods for weight reduction. “Appetite suppressants” is a type of weight loss drug which helps in weight reduction by making you feel that you are not hungry and that you cannot eat more. They reduce one’s appetite by increasing two brain chemicals serotonin and catechcholamine which affect mood and appetite. They come in the form of tablets or capsules and can be obtained by doctor’s prescription or bought directly from a medical store. But, these pills often lead to dizziness, headache and tiredness.

Another drug called Qsymia promotes weight loss by making one feel full, making food taste less appealing and increasing the amount of calories burnt. However, Qsymia is not considered safe for pregnant women and cannot be taken by them. Another weight loss drug available is the fat absorption inhibitor. They prevent the body from breaking down and absorbing the fat that comes from the food consumed. The unabsorbed fat gets removed in bowel movement. Some of the weight loss pills are addictive and the doctor has to follow certain restrictions while prescribing them. Most side effects of weight loss pills are usually mild but sometimes serious and even fatal side effects have also been reported.

What Are HCG Drops?

Another easy and quick way to lose weight is by taking HCG drops (human chronic gonadotrophin drops). HCG drops are considered to be comparatively safer than the weight loss pills as it is a natural solution. It contains no chemicals, herbs or other ingredients or products that are synthetically processed which can be harmful or dangerous to heart. HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in the female body during pregnancy or lactation period and this hormone is scientifically known to burn down fat. HCG drops helps to suppress the appetite, it helps to stop craving for sweet and foods that are rich in glucose or sugar.

HCG drops are helpful for diabetic people and people having high blood pressure as it helps one to stay away from sweets and sugar rich food. HCG drops side effects are lesser as compared to the side effects of weight loss pills. However, there might be some temporary HCG drops side effects like constipation, headache, dizziness, leg cramps or rashes which get usually fine as the body gets accustomed to the medication.


HCG Diet Drops Can Provide You With A Suitable Weight Loss Plan

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HCG Diet Drops Can Provide You With A Suitable Weight Loss Plan

Most people face a number of problems and confusion while choosing an appropriate weight loss plan for themselves. When some people are trying to control their diet, they will feel the need to rest more due to the lack of energy. While some people prefer to go for a walk or exercise, others feel sick all the time. People who prefer to go for supplements and weight loss drinks suffer from various side effects by these products. So, what can you do in such a situation? Till the time you are on the right track, your body will keep experimenting with some or the other way to lose weight.

Choose the Right HCG Weight Loss Program

Some weight loss programs are unique and extremely effective. The HCG weight loss program is also one such plan which will catch your attention. This method has been in existence from the last 60 years and more than 90 per cent of people have reaped the benefits of this program. You may have read about the history and origin of HCG on the internet. But, what is new in this field is its availability in the form of homeopathic HCG drops. So, you should also know the use and effectiveness of these drops in homeopathic form.

About Homeopathic HCG


This medicine has come up from a hormone which develops in the human body. This hormone develops in a woman during pregnancy and has the power to extract energy from different sources in the body. On one hand, this hormone has the power to extract energy from stored food and on the other; it acts as a weight loss medicine for the body. This medicine needs 500 calories to work on the human body and works as an effective detox diet. It also helps in removing all the waste from the body and makes it healthy from inside.

The use of homeopathic HCG has successfully removed the pitfalls of HCG injections. Now this program is safer and more effective than before. This treatment should be taken 20 minutes prior to your daily meals and has to be repeated thrice a day. In case, you forget to take your dose, you can take it 20 minutes after you finish your meal. The general recommendation form the doctor is to take 15 to 20 drops of HCG in each dose for a positive effect. One needs to hold the drops in the mouth for 15 seconds rather than swallowing it immediately.

Arguments Against HCG Treatment

Many people have the view that HCG treatment has many side effects. Till now, this medicine was taken through injections, which had many life threatening side- effects like blood pressure or blots clotting, etc. But, the good part is that once your body is adjusted to the continuous intake of HCG, these side-effects will start diminishing. However, if you use HCG diet drops, the side effects are reduced greatly and the overall effectiveness also increases.


Hcg Drops Why and What

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Hcg Drops- A Good Habit Plan For You

Who does not want to look slim and attractive? Every second person wants to lose weight and get back his/her active and slim body back. Today’s lifestyle and eating habits are responsible in spoiling human body. If you are planning to get rid of your extra weight, then you must have tried many ways to do so. You may have controlled your diet, included exercise in your routine life, and so on. But the change may not be noticeable. As you are trying so hard, why not take up the right way to lose weight. Have you heard of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

Introduction To HCG

Most of the people hear this term for the first time. Many of us do not know the benefits of HCG and its origin. HCG is a hormone which is generated automatically in a pregnant woman’s body. This hormone provides energy and strength to give energy for the new life developing in the body. This gives the woman ample energy to perform the routine activities easily. This is achieved by using the food and fuel in the body, rather than depending on an increase in food intake. HCG drops are now in use from the last few years as people have started knowing its uses and advantages.

HCG Drops

With so many options in the market which claim to reduce your weight in few days, people actually wonder whether the product really works or not. Without knowing the facts of a particular product, there is no sense in using it. These drops have become really popular and most of the doctors and dieticians prefer to include it in the daily food intake. The main advantage of these drops is that they help in decreasing the appetite, but maintains the energy to perform daily activities. This is the reason why people prefer to take up this treatment over others.

The advantages of taking this treatment

  • A decrease in  the overall appetite
  • An increase in energy and efficiency
  • Body uses stored fat rather for daily needs
  • Reduces dependency on large meals
  • Loss of fatty tissues in the body
  • There is no requirement to continue these drops as the body automatically adapts to the system over time
  • No matter how large is the meal you take, your body will take only use the amount needed for its daily energy needs



With every HCG course, there is a different treatment to be followed. If you are using HCG drops, there will be a different course of treatment as prescribed by your doctor or dietician. Try to avoid taking the course without consulting your doctor who knows your medical history. Once you will start this treatment, you will feel relaxed and active. It is a natural way to reduce weight and control your diet. You will be surprised to see these changes in a few days.

Remember, just like every other weight loss course, the HCG diet course also should be followed for its entire duration to get the proper benefits.